welcome to your life makeover

I am devoted to your healing and evolution.

My work is not a one size fits all because you are a unique being and what comes through is heart centered and intuition based.

Here, with me, you are seen and held. I’m not here to fix you. We both know, you need no fixing. I’m here to offer you support, guidance, and reflection to help you navigate this powerful journey. You have the eyes … I’m here to help you see. You have the power in you … I’m here to hand you the torch.

Being with you never feels like work to me. It is my honor and my calling.

your space matters

Together we work on ALL your sacred spaces…


sacred home


When you are surrounded by clutter and your home does not reflect who you are, you will find yourself out of alignment, distracted, and distressed. This is why we create Sacred Space.

Creating Sacred Space is clearing, organizing, and beautifying your environment. It is purifying and transforming the energy inside your space.

Are you open? Are you available to what the universe wants to send your way? Do you have the space for what wants to come in? This endeavor is how you signal the Universe that you are ready for what’s next. To receive what you desire, you must make room for ALL of it - dreams, opportunities, joy, creativity, alignment, love, abundance, truth, intimacy and whatever it is that you crave.

Let go of what does not resonate with your soul. Make space for what does.

Humans leave their imprint on the spaces they occupy, and spaces leave imprints on them. Moving and clearing the stagnant energy in a space alters the alignment of the life of the person occupying said space. When a positive relationship with space is created and maintained, your life will shift in unexpected ways.

Your home is a reflection of the life you are living, and the power of design can keep you feeling centered and present in your life, ready for opportunity when it presents itself. Can you imagine your space being a reflection of your worth? Does it reflect your intentions and desires?

Whether you are cooking, reading a book, indulging in self-care practices,  spending time with loved ones or in solitude, your home is a LIVING sanctuary. It is your respite from the outside world - your altar so to speak. What if everything you own reflects who you are from the inside out?

How can you meditate and relax when you look around and feel drained by your space?

How can you think when you have things weighing you down?

How can you make art when have no room to create or store your supplies? 

How can you take charge of your health with a disorganized kitchen? 

Nourishing high vibrational spaces supports the life you want to live.

Does the thought of confronting your clutter and getting organized overwhelm you?  With over 13 years experience as Professional Organizer (NAPO) and ___ years experience as in intuitive and energy mover, I know how to guide you through this process in a way that not only will get you there, but will also create a long lasting motivation and desire to preserve this transformation.

I blend the practical with the holistic by using a combination of methods that include:

  • Clutter Clearing

  • Professional Organizing

  • Interior Design

  • Space Arrangement

  • Feng Shui

  • Space Clearing + Blessing

  • Essential Oils

  • Crystal Healing

Sacred Space is a supreme version of an environment in which you thrive, that supports your desires and intentions. We work together to take what doesn’t belong and make space for what does. We create both a physical and an energetic imprint as a baseline for your standard of living that is a strong springboard for your next steps. 


sacred body


Most of us don’t live in our body. We live in our heads and this is not ideal for operating from intuition and wisdom.

When we experience a lack of space in other areas of our lives, it begins to manifest in our body.

we forget to breathe, we operate from the chin up and can’t really feel how stressed and tired we are because of overwhelm.

It is imperative to cultivate and reclaim a relationship with our body.

Through embodiment work you reclaim your body as sacred. You identify your values and live in accordance to these tenets, to allow you to fully BE in your body and enjoy life.


  • be in partnership with your body

  • discern and identify the signals your body is giving you

  • embody supportive self-care & sensual practices

  • get out of your head and reconnect with your intuition

  • reconnect to your senses

  • love the skin you’re in

  •  reclaim your sexual self

  • release unconscious resistance to pleasure

  • know yourself through physical pleasure

  • heal unhealthy sex patterns

  • contain your sexual power


sacred soul

samuel-austin-629578-unsplash (1).jpg

The world is changing so rapidly and so are you. What used to work for you no longer fits with who you are.

You are constantly evolving and changing, adding and subtracting ways of being and existing in your life.

You aren’t meant to stay the same.

How do you live and create space in your life? In your home, your body and soul?

How do you learn to listen and follow your Soul?

Living from an embodied, intuitive place takes learning and it can be done, when you create spaces that are sacred, inside and out.

Receive expert support, guidance and counsel from Sofia on your journey and in your life.

Come be with me and embrace your soul essence.


  • create sacred space for soul work

  • explore your personal inner universe

  • hear your spirit’s guidance

  • integrate your masculine/feminine energy

  • raise your vibration

  • release limitations

  • lean into trust, surrender and possibility

  • reclaim your voice & uncover your soul truth

  • uncover your true sound

  • align yourself to your values

  • communicate clearly


Ready to take the next step? Ready to create space in your life? It’s time!