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Hello beautiful Soul!

I am so happy you are here and considering working with me. Read on to see what we can co-create together.


After 14 years of working with and supporting my clients I’ve learned that everything is connected. I’ve learned healing is not linear. 

Your mind-body-soul, life-force energy and living spaces are all working together to create an energetic imprint that is supportive of your path and your deepest desires.

Just as the state of your home affects how you feel, how you rest and how you think so too does your body affect the connection to your heart and soul and vice versa. One is constantly informing the other. 

With this symbiosis between each sacred container in your life comes alignment and connection at all levels. Your inner spirit and soul is working with you through your heart. Your intuition is communicating to you through your body. Your Higher Self supports you in making aligned choices for your highest good and of all involved. 

This is alignment. This is sacred.


Being with you never feels like work to me.

I am devoted to your healing and evolution.

It is my honor and my calling to assist you to remember who you already are.

My work is unique and not one-size-fits-all because you are a unique being and what comes through for you is specific to your heart and soul. My approach is both intuition-based and action-based and is holistic in that I consider every aspect of your life as a whole and how each part works together.

I use my intuition, my experience and my gifts to help you reconnect to your intuition, support you through your healing journey, and heal physical spaces for you to create the sacred in your everyday life.

I’m here for you.

I’m here to offer you support, guidance, and practical tools to help you navigate your journey. I’m here to help you reconnect with your power and to move into that alignment you so deeply desire.

I bring presence, strength and compassion to your process. I am here to witness and reflect back your evolution.

I work with you through the lens of your Higher Self.

Here, with me, you are seen and held. I am not here to fix or save you. We both know, you need no fixing or saving. I am your catalyst to evolve.

You have the eyes … I’m here to help you see. You have the power in you … I’m here to hand you the torch.

Let’s create something beautiful together. Let’s see it through and let it unfold for your highest good.

Learn how to operate as your Highest Self and live here in your brightest way with me.


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Kind Words about my work

My journey with Sofia began with her Higher Self Alignment reading, which was clearly inspired. I felt as if my guides had talked with Sofia directly, and were gently reminding me, through her, of the direction I needed to go, as well as providing concrete tools to assist me on my path. I felt held, reassured and reminded of the direction my soul seeks.

The higher self reading was so powerful that I opted to enroll in the Soulwork Mentorship with Sofia. Imagine feeling supported on your healing journey, being held in your darkest hour, and guided when the path’s not clear. Sofia’s empathic abilities are only surpassed by her intuition. Her soulwork guidance feels as inspired as her higher self readings.

So much has happened in my life since we began this journey together and because of Sofia’s mentorship, I have been able to process and move through these events feeling held, heard, supported, and inspired. Through this work I’ve felt a shift, energetically. Resistance and fear has begun to give way to flexibility and flow.

If you’re struggling in your journey, with questions about the direction you should take, or you’re just needing support along the way, Sofia is your medicine. I’ve learned that being held is not a privilege, we aren’t meant to walk our path alone, and with Sofia, you’ll be guided and inspired.

~ Melinda Thomas // Reiki Master