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it’s time to make all your spaces sacred



sacred home - space healing

Every human being needs space - to live, to work, to be. Without space, we cannot thrive. Your outer spaces (environment) are as important as your inner spaces (mind-body-soul). Clear, flowing and supportive spaces, allow you to thrive. Restorative, nourishing and grounding spaces help you anchor and be present to life. Surrounded with beauty + order, your dreams have space to bloom.


this is your sacred space,
it matters.

When you are surrounded by stagnant, old energy, clutter and baggage, and your home does not reflect who you are, you will find yourself out of alignment, distracted, and distressed. This is why we heal and create sacred space.

Space Healing is clearing, blessing, organizing, and beautifying your environment. It is purifying and transforming the energy inside your space to create a new direction for you.

Are you open? Are you available to what the Universe wants to send your way?

Do you have the space for what wants to come in? 

Can you imagine your space being a reflection of your worth? Does it reflect your intentions and desires? 

Healing your space at all levels, energetic and physical, is how you signal the Universe that you are ready for what’s next. To receive what you desire, you must make room for ALL of it - dreams, opportunities, joy, creativity, alignment, love, abundance, truth, intimacy and whatever it is that you crave. It’s waiting for you!

Your Sacred Space is a supreme version of an environment in which you thrive, that supports your desires and intentions. We work together to take what doesn’t belong and make space for what does. We create both an energetic and physical imprint as a standard baseline of living that is a strong springboard for your next steps to unfold. 

Let go of what does not resonate with your soul. Make space for what does. It’s time to Heal your Space.


Space healing services


Intuitive Space Reading

*virtual or in-person

Sofia reads the energetic signature of your chosen space, moving through each division by intuiting the invisible and assessing the space as a whole.

She will share with you her findings and will provide an outline of the steps that need to be taken to heal and recalibrate your space, at all levels, energetic and physical, visible and invisible.

• 90-minute session

• outline sent via email


Space Clearing & Blessing Reading

*virtual or in-person

Humans leave their imprint on the spaces they occupy, and spaces leave imprints on them.

When you move the energy in the space you help move the energy in the person.

When a positive imprint and relationship with your space is created and maintained, your life can shift in unexpected ways.

Sofia performs a clearing & blessing in your home or workspace removing energetic debris and stagnation and restoring your space to peaceful and balanced.

• 2-hour minimum

• can take up to 2-4 hours


Create Beauty & Order with Clutter Clearing + Organizing

*offered to select clients on a case by case basis.

Does the thought of confronting your clutter and getting organized overwhelm you?  With over 13 years experience as Professional Organizer (NAPO) and intuitive coach and energy mover, Sofia & her staff know how to guide you through this process in a way that not only will get you there, but will also create a long lasting motivation and desire to preserve this transformation. 

Your home is a reflection of the life you are living, and the power of design can keep you feeling centered and present in your life, ready for opportunity when it presents itself.

• offered in Houston, Texas

Kind words about Space Healing

I had a virtual session with Sofia and I was amazed at how easy, quick and fun it was!  Sofia provided suggestions for instant space clearing/clutter clearing changes I could make later based on my budget and schedule. 

The best part is that the session was all online (quick and easy!) but it was like she was actually in the room with me.  She picked up on little details that I hadn't even noticed myself.  Her approach is quick, direct, kind and incredibly intuitive. 

The session helped me get a quick handle on my space and gave me motivation too!  Even months later, I find myself drawing on the inspiration and wisdom provided in our time together.

~ Sara Nelson // Life Coach (Intuitive Space Reading)

Sofia’s brilliant support has allowed me to clear my life of clutter and focus on the things that excite me most, whether it’s a new creative venture, an idea for work, or a new way to arrange my workspace. She makes it exciting to approach the things that I avoided before, and now I can’t wait to clear out anything in my life that’s getting in the way of my goals, whether it’s mental, physical or emotional clutter! Her coaching and support has allowed me to get real with myself and look at a messy situation or space with new eyes. I now have a new understanding of how I go about living life, and making changes comes with ease! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a gentle hand in dealing with both tough stuff and the things that make you thrive!

~ Elizabeth Ferrington // Artist & Entrepreneur (Intuitive Space Reading + Clearing & Blessing)

Sofia has a passion for clearing clutter and organization and possesses the knowledge and tools and wisdom to help anyone achieve superior results with maximum fun! Sofia is an organizational genius. She knows everything there is to know about creating, clearing and arranging spaces. She has revolutionized the way I think about my space and has helped me to become more effective at work and at home. With her support, I have been able to let go of things I never imagined possible. Her passion for this process inspires and motivates me to achieve more than I could accomplish on my own. She is always willing and able to meet me where I am at with the right blend of compassion and tough-love. This is truly a collaborative process and we have had lots of fun transforming my spaces and ultimately my life.

~ Dedra Murchison // Money Mentor Coach, Roadmap to Change (Clutter Clearing + Organizing)

I feel more at peace in my space and have more mental clarity. I feel at any moment I could retrieve exactly what I need, and put anything away exactly where it needs to go. It is free of visual, mental and emotional clutter. I also feel I have a better mentality about letting things go, and that being organized is important to allow me to be the best person I can be, expanding myself in any direction I choose. Getting uncluttered and organized is a lifestyle change; the experience is similar to therapy and/or hiring a personal trainer. It’s not a cleaning service! This service is about personal development and improvement just as much as it is about getting organized. Sofia gets to know you as a person and helps you think through the changes you need to make in your life to live as clutter free as possible. She supports you in your decisions and helps you frame you space going forward. I loved working with her and I would recommend Sofia to anyone who feels stuck, regardless of their amount of “stuff” or clutter.

~ Anne Utech // Nutritional Program Manager, PHD, RDN, LD (Clutter Clearing + Organizing)

I knew working with her was going to be not only productive, but also a healing experience after our consultation. She asked me deep questions, as well as all the logistical stuff. She peaked into every dank and unkempt corner of my house, WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

The first thing we did when Sofia walked into my home was decide together that I would shed the shame I was feeling. Healing started in that first moment and expanded with every session we had.

Sofia does not mess around. We didn’t move onto the next thing until the current work was DONE. I felt hopeful, motivated, and patient about this process.

Working with her meant more space is created, and that space promotes a feeling of freedom and provides for opportunities that seemingly have nothing to do with getting your house organized. They do, and this brilliant woman understands that and takes great pleasure in nurturing that relationship.

She has been instrumental in helping me change my life by coaching me through changing my home environment, from a place I dreaded being, to a place I love to be and love to care for. So much of my mental energy used to be spent on stressing over and feeling ashamed of the state of my home. Freeing up that brain space has changed many aspects of my life, not just given me an organized house.

I’m a better parent, a better entrepreneur, and I have time to take better care of myself.

Get with Sofia if you are feeling discouraged and stunted by your environment. She’ll definitely help you create a sacred space and a life full of possibility.

~ Mandy Trichell // Personal Trainer (Space Clearing + Clutter Clearing & Organizing)