READINGs: Intuitive counsel & Guidance


Your Sacred Blend

Custom Essential Oil Reading


I will channel & intuit a custom EO blend tailored just for you and your current experience. As you share what is currently arising in your life, you will set your intention to create a new direction and supportive shift.

This blend will support you in anchoring your intention as you work with the energy and medicine from the oils.


• 30 minute Intuitive Reading (virtual or in-person)

• 5 ml custom essential oil blend

• follow up via e-mail

Higher Self Alignment

Channeled Intuitive Reading


Return to alignment with a channeled intuitive reading where I listen, receive and allow what comes through to build a bridge from your Higher Self to you.

This helps you see yourself clearly, in the context of your life, and reconnect to the power of making right and aligned choices for yourself.


• up to 60 or 90 minute intuitive reading (virtual or in-person)

• recording of your reading

• follow up via e-mail

Sacred Connection

Mediumship Intutive Reading

I gather information and wisdom about your past lives and timelines to help you make sense of your present timeline.

This is also an opportunity to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over and have messages for you.

The intention for this reading is to bring you peace and connection with the unseen and the invisible so you can understand your present timeline and navigate it more effectively.


• 60 minute reading (virtual or in-person)

• recording of your reading

• follow up via e-mail


kind words about readings

Sofia, you spoke straight to my soul and answered things that I didn’t know that I needed answers to. But I truly did. 

This reading couldn’t have come at a better time, exactly when I needed you.

There is so much information in the reading that felt true for me, and I read it every single day and remember these golden words that you channeled for me.

How beautiful you said that I need to ask for help. We all do need help and oh my…I want to thank you so much for all of this. I really needed it!! All I can say is Beautiful!

~ Corina Nika // Designer & Founder, Coccorina

Sofia’s compassion is immediately apparent.

Honestly, I was nervous to hear what would come through in my Higher Self Alignment Reading, but her loving way of putting things put me at ease the second I started to read what she had seen for me.

Sofia’s guidance has set me on a wonderful path that I am enjoying exploring. Truly amazing!

~ Laura Jane // Chief Mindfulness Officer, Tao & Zen Healing

I was feeling jaded and stuck and I had a reading with Sofia, and as I heard the guidance that came through her, I felt as if Sofia knew me and was truly getting what I was struggling with.

She said things that were so true about me, about what I was experiencing and challenges I’ve been facing, without knowing any details about me.

She offered so much helpful guidance and since my reading with her I’ve felt major, shifts with blocks I’ve been resisting for a while.

She is extremely tuned-in and holds a very clear container for healing.

If you’re stuck, I highly recommend getting a reading with her.

~ Sena Maria // Cacao Ceremonialist & Cosmic Channel

I asked Sofia to give me a Higher Self Alignment Reading in a stormy time. I found that she could see me and my situation so clearly. And most importantly, with love. It was like someone took my hand and told me: “I am here and you are safe.”

Under her eyes, I saw the blessing in my situation and I moved on feeling lighter. I love that the reading was recorded. I returned to it and the energy pours deeper in me each time. She is a blessing.

I love to treat myself to Sofia’s readings. There is so much wisdom and kindness and clear guidance pouring through them. When times are stormy, they remind me of my truth and help me align. When times are prosperous and good, they hold space for what is unfolding. Thank you, Sofia, your work makes a beautiful difference in my life.

~ Andreea Voroneanu // Writer

The Higher Self Alignment Reading was powerful, direct, and potent. There were pieces that were directly actionable –  recommendations for me to create a specific essential oil blend – and pieces that spoke directly to my soul to help remember who I am.

The reading answered three of my specific questions, and also had elements and words of remembrance that added additional context and depth to my original questions.

I am very grateful for Sofia’s intuitive power and highly recommend her as a seer, intuitive and amazing guide.

~ Kalia Foxen // Doula & Herbalist

It is precious work to spend time with the Highest Self and Soul of another. I feel this so strongly or I wouldn’t be here.

My heart feels very at ease, like it was waiting for this connection with you. I feel like I’ve known you forever. I knew the moment we connected my life changed. It is a deep knowing.

As soon as my friend mentioned you, everything lit up in a brilliant light and I knew it was meant TO BE for me to do this soul alignment shift with you.

My dream time has been filled with clearing and clarity. Every day I feel like a new person awakening. I feel my soul doing a happy dance now. Thank you Sofia.

~ Jen Barber // Coach