Ep.05 • The New Paradigm of Manhood & Reclaiming Sex with Tigre Pickett


About Tigre Pickett:

Tigre guides people in rediscovering their passion for life and exploring what it means to “human” well in modern times.

He is co-creator of Wild Playground, a vortex designed to improve your connection to love, money and magic with his wife, Lola Medicine Keeper. Together, they embody a healthy, dynamic union of the divine masculine and feminine.

When not soul mentoring clients or creating unique online courses, Tigre is playing with their two children, building soil and sharing in the abundance of life with family and friends.

In this episode Tigre & I talk about:

  • the divine masculine & integrating the feminine

  • the new paradigm of manhood

  • how raises his both his son and daughter without societally enforced gender roles

  • the magic he creates with his wife Lola

  • recognizing & identifying patterns

  • reclaiming his relationship to sex and sensuality


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