Ep.14 • Animal Messengers, & Hearing Their Guidance with Tanya Casteel


About Tanya Casteel:

Tanya is an Artist who co-creates with watercolors to paint animal messengers and connect people with their various spirit animal guides through her visual meditation practice.

Her galaxy style watercolor paintings are a source of inspiration for people to remember who they are, trust their intuition, and use their unique gifts.

This conversation was filled with all things spirit animals and tons of magic!

In this episode Tanya & I talk about:

  • what are spirit animal messengers/guides & how they can help us

  • how learning about shamanism led Tanya to paint these animals

  • how spirit finds different ways to communicate with us

  • how we can use our animal guides to hear the Universe’s guidance

  • how the masculine & feminine energies show up in her creative process

  • how being in nature feeds our soul

  • what uncluttered living looks like for Tanya

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck


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