Ep.09 • Chinese Medicine, Emotional Clutter & Yin/Yang Balance With Lori Earley


about Lori Earley:

Lori Earley is a nationally board certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine and the owner of Phoenix Rising Acupuncture in Houston, Texas.
She’s been in private practice the past 4 years where she practices acupuncture, herbalism, and reiki.

Lori began her career as a Chinese Medicine practitioner after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 9 years and in academia for 2 years.

Over the past 5 years in private practice, Lori has gained advanced training in women’s health, internal medicine, pain management, cosmetic acupuncture, and emotional disorders.

Lori is motivated towards transforming one’s health – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – by addressing the root cause of conditions and symptoms.

in this Lori Earley & i share about:

  • how she went from working in Big Pharma to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

  • how imbalance and disease often begin with emotional causes and then manifest in the physical body

  • how sleep can be connected to your emotional state

  • living with the goddess archetype

  • creating balance between yin/yang

  • the importance of rituals for restoration

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