Ep.08 • Breaking Paradigms, Energy Leaks, & Wild Authentic Living With Lola Medicine Keeper


About Lola Medicine Keeper:

Lola Medicine Keeper is a recovering perfectionist, shamanic healer, edgewalker, mystical mama, and plant lover.

She’s deeply honored to serve thousands of clients as they navigate the turbulent waters of listening to their souls, remembering their intuitive gifts, and living an aligned life.

Find her shamanic retreats, soul mentorship, online classes, and a profane-yet-amazing personal care line at wildplayground.com.

In this episode Lola Medicine Keeper & I share about:

  • how she went from leading an ordinary, misaligned life to a forbidden & wild one

  • how she followed her path of magic into shamanism

  • the role of the shaman in modern times

  • what conscious partnership really looks like

  • how she creates everyday magic with her husband Tigre

  • how energy leaks keeps us from being ourselves

  • how both the masculine & feminine show up in business & in life

  • what it means to be wild

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver
Jim Carrey Speech


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