Ep.13 • Being an Actor, Creative Beginnings & Endings & The Landscape of Female Friendship with Jenna Robino


About Jenna Robino:

Jenna’s designing a life in NYC as an actor-voiceover artist, and producer of artful, truthful and comedic moments.

She’s has years of experience trusting/distrusting the unknown, starting over, changing careers, feeling depressed and generally overwhelmed by her many interests. She has no plan B.

What saves her is time spent with energizing, encouraging and empowering creatives like Sofia, being in nature and a rekindled passion for movement and dance.

In this episode Jenna & I talk about:

  • how acting can be a vehicle for expression for your authentic self

  • how creativity has played a role in her healing

  • how she lives as a creative and curious, multi-passionate soul

  • movement, body diversity & body positivity

  • creative beginnings & endings and life transitions

  • navigating the landscape of female friendship

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Intensati – Inspirational movement
The Pear Shape Blog


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