Ep.07 • Body + Sex Positivity, Sexual Liberation & The Holiness of Sex, with Expressions Untold


about Expressions Untold:

Expressions Untold is a body & sex positive photographer who captures and showcases the art form of the human body and the act of sex, on camera.

His goal is to normalize our views of our body, sex, and the relationships we have with both, in addition to helping others become sexually liberated themselves.

in this episode Expressions Untold & i talk about:

  • what motivated him to start photographing the naked body and couples in the act of sex

  • the taboo view of sex in our current society

  • how to bring body positivity into the act of sex

  • how sex is holy and sacred

  • what happens when women initiate sex

  • how we women can show up in our desire more and more

It was a thought-provoking, intimate conversation and one that I hope to continue in general on this podcast and in my everyday life.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Expressions Untold’s podcast episode on Ev’Yan’s The Sexually Liberated Woman Podcast


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