Ep.11 • Writing, Embodiment, & Being an Empath with Andreea Voroneanu


About Andreea Voroneanu:

Andreea Voroneanu is a writer and team coach whose work is focused on creating the appropriate environment to support human expression and evolvement.

She works with both individuals and teams, supporting people to do the inner and outer work that puts them in the right place to innovate and flow easily through the inherent obstacles associated with any creative process.

She lives in Bucharest, Romania.

In this episode Andreea Voroneanu & I talk about:

  • on perceiving claiming & ourselves as writers & artists

  • imposter syndrome

  • the many gifts of the feminine

  • writer’s block and tuning into the energetics of flow

  • how embodiment & movement makes her a better writer

  • being creative chameleons

  • a helpful approach for collaboration in creative endeavors

  • being an empath by feeling other people’s energy and thoughts

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

5 Rhythms
Ecstatic Dance

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