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sacred energy //
energy attunement healing


As sensitive souls it is challenging to navigate feeling, internalizing and perceiving energy out in the world.

We can pick up and accumulate energy from people, situations and spaces which then can stagnate in the body and energy field.

With energy work and attunement, I remove energetic debris and stagnation from your body and energy field and restore your energy to powerful, peaceful and vibrant.

By opening energetic pathways within the body and energy field to clear, attune and realign your energy to allow you to be the most present, empowered and embodied version of you. 


*virtual or in-person

  • chakra balancing

  • intuitive guidance

  • essential oils

  • sacred crystals

  • sound healing

  • breathwork

  • guided meditations + soul journeys

Ready to experience energetic alignment?


// sacred body //
embodiment coaching


Most of us don’t live in our body. We live in our heads and this is not ideal for operating from intuition and wisdom.

When we experience a lack of space and connection in other areas of our lives, it begins to manifest in the body.

We forget to breathe, we operate from the chin up and can’t really feel how stressed and tired we are because of overwhelm.

It is imperative to cultivate and reclaim a relationship with your body.

Through embodiment work you reclaim your body as sacred. You identify your values and live in accordance to these tenets, to allow you to fully BE in your body and enjoy life from a grounded and centered space.

Embodiment Coaching Sessions

*virtual or in-person

  • be in partnership with your body

  • discern and identify the signals your body is giving you

  • embody supportive self-care & sensual practices

  • get out of your head and reconnect with your intuition

  • reconnect to your senses

  • love the skin you’re in

  • reclaim your sexual self

  • release unconscious resistance to pleasure

  • know yourself through physical pleasure

  • heal unhealthy sex patterns

  • embody your life-force/creative & sexual power

Ready to embody your body?


// sacred soul //
soulwork mentorship coaching

samuel-austin-629578-unsplash (1).jpg

The world is changing so rapidly and so are you. What used to work for you no longer fits with who you are.

You are constantly evolving and changing, adding and subtracting ways of being and existing in your life.

You aren’t meant to stay the same.

How do you live and create alignment and connection in your life?

How do you learn to listen and follow your Soul?

Living from an embodied, intuitive place takes learning and it can be done when you create pathways that are open and aligned.

Receive expert support, guidance and counsel from Sofia on your journey and in your life.

Come be with me and embrace your soul essence.


*virtual or in-person

  • explore your personal inner universe

  • reclaim your voice & uncover your soul truth

  • hear your Higher Self’s guidance

  • soul retrieval

  • navigate Dark Night of the Soul, identity crisis and ego death with support

  • integrate your masculine/feminine energy

  • raise your vibration

  • release limitations

  • lean into trust, surrender and possibility

  • uncover your true sound

  • align yourself to your values


Ready to dive into Soulwork? It’s time….


kind words about healing & coaching

I’ve been working with Sofia for a couple years now, and in 2015/2016, I dove in with her Soulwork Mentorship.

She’s the steady rock I’ve needed as I’ve made difficult transitions in my life. The guidance, support and tools she has given me during these times are priceless. I refer friends to her who need readings, deep Soulwork, and Space Clearing, and they also are so grateful.

I love working with her. Her insights are deeply intuitive and always right on point with the messages that are needing to be heard.

Lori Earley //Acupuncturist, Healer & Owner, Phoenix Rising Acupuncture (Soulwork Mentorship)

My journey with Sofia began with a Higher Self Alignment reading, which was clearly inspired. I felt as if my guides had talked with Sofia directly, and were gently reminding me, through her, of the direction I needed to go, as well as providing concrete tools to assist me on my path. I felt held, reassured and reminded of the direction my soul seeks.

The reading was so powerful that I opted to enroll in the Soulwork mentorship with Sofia. Imagine feeling supported on your healing journey, being held in your darkest hour, and guided when the path’s not clear. Sofia’s empathic abilities are only surpassed by her intuition. Her soulwork guidance feels as inspired as her higher self readings.

So much has happened in my life since we began this journey together and because of Sofia’s mentorship, I have been able to process and move through these events feeling held, heard, supported, and inspired. Through this work I’ve felt a shift, energetically. Resistance and fear has begun to give way to flexibility and flow.

If you’re struggling in your journey, with questions about the direction you should take, or you’re just needing support along the way, Sofia is your medicine. I’ve learned that being held is not a privilege, we aren’t meant to walk our path alone, and with Sofia, you’ll be guided and inspired.

~ Melinda Thomas // Reiki Master

I am more myself after working with Sofia. She is loving, gentle, kind, firm, clear, and saw right through my defenses. She saw me so  clearly that I knew it was futile to be anything other than honest.

Previously, I’d been invested in this tortuous process of “trying to fix myself” for too long and have lost the desire to be “accountable” or on the receiving end of “tough love”. I have used toughness and pride in “pushing through” as a way to defend the softness within myself, the tenderness of who I AM to the point of exhaustion.

Connecting with Sofia gave me the permission to be soft and vulnerable because of her strength. Her acceptance of my soul was so clear and strong while she spoke to me about the importance of inhabiting my body; I actually felt her say “I love you” in my heart when all she was doing was looking at me with her heart open. In addition to her soothing and reassuring words she provided me with accessible tools that I could use on the fly to center and calm myself when I started to drift out of my body.

After feeling into my heart and soul so deeply, it feels uncomfortable to pretend to be a tough girl now. But I am now beginning to see that softness isn’t to be confused with weakness. Softness is flexible and resilient and true...who I really am. The best part is that I don’t have to transform myself into anyone or anything because her guidance is simply helping my true self emerge. Nothing to push through or become...such a relief. I am so grateful to have connected with Sofia and her wisdom and love.

~ Melissa S. // Teacher (Embodiment Coaching)

Sofia has assisted me in many ways both professionally and personally. As a healer and intuitive coach she provided me invaluable assistance to clarify goals, strategize desired outcomes, and follow through with action. Her feedback was essential in helping me stay grounded in my priorities enabling me to avoid old behaviors that were hindering my success.

She brings to her work a multitude of gifts and talents, with a wisdom beyond her years. She was gifted in offering insight into blocks I encountered (both internal and external) that hindered action and progress.

I have loved working with her as she is a very rare individual who is intelligent, humorous, free spirited, and refreshingly honest. Her varied experiences inform her work and she is knowledgeable in many areas of life. Hire her!

~ Hope Nordmeyer // Psychotherapist (Energy Attunement + Soulwork Mentorship)