An Ode to The Cosmos


Listen to embody these words more fully…

Before anything,
there was just you.

You in your nothingness.
You in your completeness.
In your darkness.
In your light.

There was only you.

Your vast galaxies were born.
Then came your stars,
and the planets,
and the satellite moons,
and the comets,
and more stars,
and the evolution of your wonder
expanded into Oneness.

And then came the birth of the blue planet,
with the oceans,
and the mountains,
and the Beings,
and with the connectedness of the ALL.

You are the cradle that holds
the ALL. Infinitely,
perfectly, exquisitely,

The breadth of your love is felt
in realms beyond this one.

Your bright beacon guided me home
with light that illuminates the many.

The fire of your sun
infuses our deep-diving souls.

I remember traveling amongst your dusty,
sparkly cosmos,

and my star-gazing self,
curious as could be,
was swallowed whole into your universe.

And then I knew
knew why I decided to visit.
and then I really knew
why I decided to stay.

poetry, spoken wordSofia Alvim