Make Space for More You

Here we are at the end of another year and I know some of you are going to be taking stock of what didn’t work for you during these 365 days and what can be better for next year.

I’m bursting the bubble on some common New Year’s themes/beliefs that might have you feeling kind of yucky, and who wants that?

Making space for you is the best thing ever!

On the new year’s track of reassessing and putting into play what you desire for 2016, I want to encourage you to be gentle on yourself and am debunking some common themes that don’t land on me well, such as:

1. This new year, has to be perfect! No it doesn’t! The aim is for it to better than the last, yes. For it to be more manageable and easier. More fun, more life. Yes, yes, yes to all of this I say, AND it does not have to be or look perfect. There are things you want to accomplish, yes. There are things you didn’t accomplish in 2013, yes. These are just facts. Forgive yourself and examine what needs to be done going forward without shame, blame or judgement. I repeat, this year DOES NOT have to be perfect!

2. New Year, New You! Um no, there’s nothing wrong with you right now, even if things don’t look or feel the way you want. How about this reframe: New Year, More You? More of you in it? More authenticity, more ease, more joy, more clarity. Feels better doesn’t it?

3. New Years Goals, Resolutions. Sometimes setting them feels like a race and a reflection of your worth. When things don’t go as planned or as resolved, as they sometimes do, you can end up feeling bad about yourself, and that turns into clutter at some point.  We want none of that in 2016 so how about intentions & desires? An intention is a supreme statement that can shift things just by holding space for it. A desire, is so clearly full of charge and feeling that it can’t not move things forward.

How do these all relate to clutter?

  • Perfectionism causes clutter (if it’s not perfect I won’t tackle it)

  • Clutter can get in the way of you being More You. Think less joy, less ease, clarity, etc.

  • Resolutions that don’t get carried out just create more things left hanging, thus turning into more clutter, physical, mental or otherwise.

How can you change this? By making space. Simple isn’t it?

Make space. Make space for YOU.

Make space for the intentions, desires, dreams, changes, blessings, fun, creativity, quality time, friends, love, abundance or whatever you crave. Make space for ALL of it.

How do you do that? There are oodles of ways. One way is to finally get uncluttered and organized. Make space, get clear and watch things unfold. It will shift things in your life tremendously, because space allows, it breathes. Space begets more flow and ease and these are the gems of intentional living.

I’m here to help and support you in making space and letting go of clutter in any way I can, whether in-person or online. I’m just an email away.

Here’s to you in 2014!

clutterSofia Alvim