Letting Go of Clutter


My journey with letting go of clutter has had many shapes and forms in my life in the last 20 years. It started in 1997 when I was just shy of 18 and I read a book about feng shui that was on my mother’s bookshelf. Feng shui is the ancient art and practice of creating balance and harmony between everyone and their environment.

Feng Shui: Harmony By Design was my first intro to this practice and soon many other books followed. I devoured as much information as I could get my eyes on about feng shui, clutter and organizing. The most powerful resource I came across was Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui.

This inspiring book instilled in me that to first change your life, you must unclutter at all levels and only then would any suggested feng shui cures be effective. I understood that each space had a certain energetic imprint and flow, and that stagnant chi and clutter in my space were keeping me stuck in the past and blocking me from my best life.

So there I was, full of inspiration and left to look at my own clutter.  

I let go of my physical clutter first. For years I had been that person that kept everything because it had a memory attached to it or because someone gave it to me. Being a child who grew up with only one parent and feeling the lack of the other, I made sure as hell that no one would take away anything else from me and this showed up clearly in the relationship I had with my belongings. I remember how my mother would cringe every time she attempted to help me tidy up my room because it became a power struggle when I decided to keep every. little. thing.

When I found the feng shui philosophy and understood in depth how clutter works, I learned what types of clutter exist be it physical, emotional, mental, financial, spiritual or otherwise. I learned how clutter affects us and how letting it go could make lasting change. I became quite addicted to getting rid of my stuff and became better at examining the feelings surrounding my possessions and quickly GOT IT. I didn’t need any of this stuff anymore.

Getting uncluttered and organized is a gateway to activate change in any area of your life. It is powerful and serious business.

Why? Because it gives you access, clarity and direction to whatever the “clutter” is covering.  It truly feels good and uplifting to let go of what doesn’t serve you and weighs you down. Slowly, I began to reach the level of freedom in my life I was looking for by starting with my possessions and spaces.

Eliminating clutter was extremely cathartic for me and there was so much beauty and many gifts in this catharsis. It feels much like a snake shedding its old skin. Letting go of clutter was freedom, liberation and unencumbered joy and as I took myself on the journey I never looked back.

I then became so passionate about using this tool for liberation that in 2006 I started a business and made a full-time career as a professional organizer which lasted for 10+ years. I helped hundreds of clients have a positive relationship with their stuff just as I had,  and in turn they activated change and found freedom in their own lives, by letting it go.

Releasing Emotional Clutter

After I became an expert at letting go of physical clutter, I somehow stumbled onto dealing with my emotional clutter. It was by accident and yet not, because I remember feeling depressed, sad, lonely and consumed by fear most of my life and unable to deal with my emotions and intense feelings. I was constantly seeking ways and methods of healing and self-improvement through books, therapy, workshops, etc..

Two years after I started A Life Uncluttered, I discovered a community where I took  classes and learned a process of deep listening/emotional release. I realized what my core wounds were. I realized how I developed patterns and coping mechanisms around these wounds to keep myself safe and I started to peel back the layers that weighed me down and kept me lost in my emotions. I released all the limiting beliefs and stories and all the BS that literally kept me stuck in my own life and this, this was the real clutter.

I cried rivers of tears and let my sadness and anger come up and expressed both healthily. I let myself feel painful feelings I’d previously avoided as whatever I was doing before was spinning and drowning and letting them run amok and run my life. Once I was heard and seen, I was able to truly feel/process what I needed to feel and able to release.

The more I released, the more I got back, and the more of myself I reclaimed. Soon the everyday stuff that used to bother me was mostly gone. I then started getting to the really heavy stuff, the core wounds. These wounds, when released made all the difference in my life, in my body, mind and heart. My creativity came back, my courage increased by leaps and bounds, and people who were not in alignment with me fell away or left my life as I kept peeling back more layers.

I learned how others around me had been hurt, that our inherent nature as humans begins as absolute love. I learned to be more compassionate and less judgemental with myself and with others. I learned how to be a good listener and how to truly honor someone by witnessing their healing. In essence, it was profound and life-altering and changed how I dealt with my insides forever.

Goddess is Uncluttered

Goddess is about flow, flexibility and fluidity. She is about the dance of life. Her energy flows like the river and the waves of the ocean. She is the Divine essence in us. As such, she has no room for what no longer serves her. She is light and quick on her feet and ready to embrace and dance with life. Goddess doesn’t carry around clutter because she doesn’t need to.

Goddess is not perfect either, so before you go thinking she has no clutter but is perfect, this is not the truth. Simply put, clutter is not in her nature. She has everything she needs inside her and she aims to help you remember this very fact.

How can you let go of the different layers of clutter in your life? Whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or otherwise?  How might you call in more of your inner Goddess if you embrace this process and get good at letting go? It may not be easy, but it is so worthwhile!

Clearing out clutter allows you to be available to the signals and nudges from life, so you can attune to the vibration of knowing more clearly what is truly calling you.

It is here, in this uncluttered energetic space, that you can experience all the magic that life can offer you!