Less Options, Less Clutter

I’ve been a professional organizer and life coach for 9 years now and it’s amazing how much clearer I get about how clutter manifests in life, with each passing year of servicing my clients. The places where I find clutter are endless and yet it’s comforting to know that by examining where I find it, making a decision to clear it and let it go, I get one step closer to being grounded and able to take charge of my life in each moment.

Clutter is a block to many things in our lives, and one of them is making decisions.

Having too many options available to us creates clutter.

Have you ever noticed how many decisions we are called to make every day? How many things need a decision in order to move forward? And how many options and choices we have to wade through in order to make those decisions? These options and decisions are not limited to stuff we own. They also permeate all other areas of our lives, and anything that needs our attention such as scheduling appointments on the calendar, what shoes to wear, what food to eat or what doctor to use.

Too many options = too much clutter.

You might be thinking, the more options, the better, right?
We are trained in this culture to think more, bigger, better, faster is the end-all be-all and in the process of living that way, we start missing out on things that matter during the constant seeking for more. That old saying of “less is more” is really true.

Peter Walsh says “we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time”, why? Because we wear what we know we can decide on the fastest, what we like the most and that becomes what’s easy. The 20% of our clothes are the most uncomplicated options we have to choose from and we choose those over and over again, because they are easy.

Another example: I love watches. I used to own about 12 of them and as time went on I noticed I’d wear the same 3 watches over and over again. I loved all 12 of my watches but some of them didn’t quite fit with just anything and were not as versatile.  The 3 favorites were easy to choose from because they each went with everything I owned and I loved knowing I could just put one on without having to “make it work”. With the other 9 watches, I had to “make them work for me”. I shouldn’t have to spend so much time making a decision on something that eases my telling of time.

I’ve discovered that this is not the way to own things. I don’t want to live my life in a way to make “whatever” work for me in order to keep it around, in order to not have to let it go.

Less shoes = less time getting dressed = more fun getting dressed = more fun wearing the ones I love = more fun, period!

Having too many options is the clutter. Narrow your options and by default you cut the clutter.

Too many TV channels, too many types of bottled water, too many items on the menu, too many shoes, too many bells and whistles on EVERYTHING.

I crave a life that is uncluttered, easy and simple and I incorporate this motto as much as I can in my everyday life.

See, when we own too much stuff, have too much stuff in our heads, and have to manage multiple things all the time, the having too many options actually decreases our ability to enjoy what we have and we are less able to be present for what’s right in front of us. And hello!! Clutter takes up space. The less clutter, the more flow.

As you narrow your options, you actually can focus, create and widen the space for the juicy possibilities to unfold, and that’s the juicy stuff you’ve been waiting for!

As you do this, you start using the things you know work for you. You get to enjoy them, fully. And as an added bonus, because these options work for you without you having to make them work, you’re able to stay in the now, in the moment, with less brain fog and push/pull going on inside of you.

The less clutter, the more flow is available to you.

Imagine, making a decision right away because you know it’s not hard to. Boom, done!

So just to recap…less options =  less clutter which equals:

  • easier decision making

  • more flow

  • more space

  • enjoying what you do have way more

  • luxuriating in the the options you do have available to you

  • more joy

So how I can help you cut the clutter? What does your version of less is more look like? What are you craving right now?

I’m here to hold your hand, guide you through and cheer you on at the victory line!

clutterSofia Alvim