Empowered Forgiveness


This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post

Your life can change in 10 seconds. That’s all it takes, 10 seconds.

I was standing in the kitchen today washing dishes, when a wave, a HUGE wave of forgiveness came over me. In 10 seconds I saw the faces of the many people who have hurt me in my life in many ways, with words, actions, absence or silence. And in that moment when I thought of each one, I had no choice but to forgive. I tried to feel whatever I’d felt before, those last strands of hurt I felt the last time I thought of them, the icky leftovers that until moments ago hadn’t or wouldn’t go away and…it was no longer there.

I thought of their words, their actions and of all the situations and just like that, it was all gone. I actually felt the Goddess take my hand and wipe the slate clean. I saw the divine purpose in each and every wound, in every disagreement, every conflict and every betrayal. I saw it all right before me as though it were crystal clear. I saw the way of it all. I saw how hurt can be alchemized and transmuted into inner strength and exquisite self-love and most importantly, into forgiveness, for you and for me.

To the ones that hurt me, misunderstood me, vilified me, bullied me, teased me, and left me. To ALL of you who are no longer in my life, male and female, young and old. past and present.

Thank you for hurting me, misunderstanding me, vilifying me, teasing me and leaving me. Thank you so much for being just who you were at the perfect time in my life.

It is because of your role in my life that I am stronger.
It is because of your lack of compassion that my own compassion grew and that I can extend you kindness.
It is because you were closed off that I decided not to shutdown and instead I chose to open more.
It is because you teased me and bullied me so ruthlessly that I learned how to accept and embrace ALL people, with no prejudice.
It is because of your attempt to silence me that I learned how to have my voice and speak my truth.

It is because of you that I continue to be vulnerable. It is because I chose and still choose to FEEL, to BE vulnerable and BE raw, that I was given the gift of your hurt.

It is because of you that I discovered my worth, because you truly couldn’t see me and I had to learn to see myself and meet myself first.

It’s because of you that I met my shadow self head-on and thus provided me with the greatest healing of all. It is because of this shadowed part of me, that I literally cracked open and all the light started to spill out in glowing streams.

Thank you for needing me and helping me realize I no longer want to be needed.

Thank you for using my wisdom, my love and my light and for discarding me when you were done with me. Thank you for helping me realize I no longer want to be used.

Thank you for helping me to confirm that my intuition was always right and that I never have to doubt it again.

Thank you for lying to me so that I had no choice but to be truthful with myself and with others.

Thank you for lacking the courage to stay and for running away so I could truly rise and show up for myself.

Thank you for not showing up for me so that I could learn what standards I now have and desire for relating to all humans.

It’s because of your confusion, self-made stories, opinions, judgements and lies, absence and cowardice that I am who I am today.

It is because of your silence that I’ve learned to extend my hand farther and open my arms wider.

It is because of your fear of closeness that I’ve made it my mission to LOVE so FULLY.

Thank you for triggering me so much that I couldn’t help but do my deepest work. I will never be sorry that you triggered me no matter how hard and brutal it was to feel it.

Thank you for projecting your own fears and your own bullshit onto me so perfectly that I had no choice but to look within.

Thank you for being the mirror I needed in just the right way so I could see what needed healing.

Thank you for prompting my self-inquiry, to fully own what was mine so I could and can do better next time. And I will.

Thank you for helping me see that your truth and mine don’t have to align and I can reject and lovingly send back what is yours and not mine.

Thank you for spewing your hateful words all over me because it only made me more determined to speak and lead with love and kindness.

Thank you for calling me out on what you think my problem is because I felt how much pain you were in when you did it.

And my God, I shudder to think just how much you must have been hurt in your life to even be capable of uttering such cruel and unkind words or do such things to someone who cared for you as I did and still do.

I forgive you for using me. Thank you. I love you.
I forgive you for needing me. Thank you. I love you.
I forgive you for leaving me. Thank you. I love you.
I forgive you for misunderstanding me. Thank you. I love you.
I forgive you for hurting me. Thank you. I love you.

I’m sorry that at certain times in my life, I didn’t show up fully in my power and that I let your opinion of me become my truth. I won’t make that mistake again.

I’m sorry that I shrank and stayed small, lived small and played small to accommodate you. I won’t make that mistake again.

I’m sorry that I felt like I was too much, believed I was too much and acted like I was too much and that I made myself invisible and didn’t show up fully. I won’t make that mistake again.

I’m sorry that I hurt you in whatever way I might have.

If you truly knew the caliber of my being (which you don’t) you would know that I would never intend to do anything that would hurt another, for I have felt the pain of a 1000 hurts and I wish this pain upon no one in small or large measures.

I can offer that in each and every moment, even in the mistakes I know I have made, I was learning and I was doing the very best I could.

It’s because of you that I learned how to be compassionate with others because you could not show up as anything other than how you did. Because you too my dear human being, were doing the very best you could in that/those moments.

This is for you but, it’s mostly for me. I release you. I release this pain. I release this hurt. I release all the residual thoughts I’ve had about you. I release you into the love you are. You are divine, you are human as am I and I forgive us both.

Love always,