Courage and I are Married for Life


Listen to embody these words more fully…

It’s heartbreaking to see people who are brilliant, play small at the game of life just because it’s comfortable. It hurts to see them not rise to their potential.

I speak from vast experience of playing small. I lived a small life for so long. Yet that small life was extremely uncomfortable.
I was one of those who secretly longed for more because I knew there was more and I knew that to be more, I had to be more courageous.

My courage and I found each little by little.
We dated.
Then we courted each other…
Then we took the plunge…
Until one day it became a holy marriage and then it was game fucking on.
Courage and I are now married for life and it is a holy and sacred union.

What are you good at that you’re not doing right now?

What lights you up that you’re NOT doing?

Stop distracting yourself with all the bright shiny toys.
Stop trying to do X because it seems more viable.
It’s not viable if it’s not authentic.
NO. Go for the gold, stick your neck out.
That authentic part of you KNOWSIt KNOWS.

I’m not talking about getting attention, money or accolades. I’m talking about the truth of who you are.

I’m talking about your craft.
Your hands.
Your mind.
Your heart.
Your vision.
Your love.
Your power.
Your ecstasy.

What are you holding back from me and from us, the ones who witness you and believe in you?

This world and this existence is better served when you show up as your fullest self.

What bullshit clutter are you carrying around in your mind that’s telling you not to rise?


Wake up my love! Wake up. Right now.

I’m not merely suggesting you follow your passion. I’m suggesting you follow your brilliance. Follow your fire.
Passion isn’t always sustainable. Brilliance IS because it comes from light.
The light of your absolute divine being.
Your brilliance WILL NEVER run out.

The insanity of your withholding is no longer necessary.

Yes. Rising up can be hard. And uncomfortable. Yes. You might get rejected, misunderstood and I ask you.
So. What?
You will regret not diving in. So dive in!
Get wet.
Get messy.
You can dry off and clean up later on.

Can you continue to exist in the throes of monotony and predictable comfort? Just because it’s safe? Safety is an illusion!
Can you continue to bang your head against the wall expecting a different result, again?

Can you not stand to feel the momentary growing pains to further birth your brilliance? To step into the fullness of who you are?

You can. The question is…will you chose to?

You will have to sit in the void for a bit perhaps.
And face yourself.
You can do it.
I know you can do it.

You can do it over and over again because you are here, you are meant to be here and you get a piece of that pie too.

Find your courage. It’s in there.
And when you find it. Wear it fucking proud and treat it like your most beloved lover.