Birthday Love Letter: to me & to you

In 2014, I channeled this letter to myself on the eve of my 35th birthday. Today, June 29th, 2018, I am 39 years old.

And while birthdays feel more and more different as time passes, I know for myself they can be wonderful and they can be challenging. I usually tend to take some sort of inventory on what I have learned, where I have grown, where I can continue to grow and deepen.

Some years are better than others and with the natural passing of time I am always hopeful that we become more of who we know we can be.

I remember exactly where I was 4 years ago when I channeled this text. I was a very dark time in my life and this channeling was a strand of hope that I needed to anchor within. I know it was channeled because and not wishful thinking simply because it literally CAME THROUGH me in the swiftest of ways, with rhythm and purpose. And as the words poured out, tears rolling down my face, I felt myself in touch with the wisest part of me, my Higher Self. The one who has the roadmap and who knows what is possible for me.

I do my best to honor my process no matter what it looks like, even on birthdays. If you are reading this, I encourage you to write one for yourself as it can be a powerful declaration of who you are and are meant to be. Let it call you forward into the knowing that you are the most magnificent human and in the flow of allowing so much more…

So today, on my 39th, I relive these words knowing I am closer to the Sofia in this letter than ever before and I love who she is Being…


What I wish for you:

My dearest sweetest Sofia on the day of your 35th solar return, I can only express how proud of you I am and how much I love you. You are the gift in your own life and the gift in other peoples lives as well and as such, you deserve the absolute best that life has to offer.

I wish for you peace, harmony and balance and that this peace harmony and balance will carry you through the good and not so good times. That you will know own your strength and brilliance in the midst of all that life offers you.

I wish for you to know how special you are that are who you are. That you are YOU. That is the purest form of you and Spirit and you show it, exude it and embrace it oh so well.

You are light and magic and you have the essence of a thousand goddesses and wise women and you carry that with you wherever you go.

I wish for you in your love life, for you to have meaningful and true connection with your partner. That you have trust, ease, flow, joy, communication, availability, reciprocity, affection, tenderness, passion, sex, spirituality, healing, fun, laughter and silly goofy giddy romance. I wish for you that you have the kind of love that you’ve dreamed of your whole life. The kind that you know is possible.

I wish for you, that you and your partner strengthen and deepen your bond and create the life you are both meant to live, and that you create it together for it’s time for you to create with another what you desire and see it manifest into beauty and wonder and more than you can imagine.

I wish for you that your body continue to be the temple that you’ve learned to revere with such grace and self-love. That you hold your body as the vehicle for you to experience and truly experience what life holds here for you to inhabit and feel, give and receive.

I wish for you that you experience true, true abundance. The kind that lets you feel like you can fly and do anything. The kind that is untethered and open and free. That you might find possibility, safety, security and opportunity with your money and that it shall flow you to from MANY RIVERS and many streams and that it will keep coming in stronger and stronger for you to enjoy for yourself and also help others with.

I wish for you that your creativity know no limits. That your creative voice whether through your words, song or stroke be a vehicle for expression, love and healing for you first and foremost. That you keep expressing and sharing yourself in these ways with the world is healing for you and for many. Indulge in it, be sacred in it, be wise and playful. Keep pulling from your river of creative energy and you shall always find your way back to Source.

I wish for you that you live in a place that is surrounded by nature. By trees, mountains, lakes, rivers and most important, surrounded by your beloved ocean. That the waves of this ocean will comfort you, heal you and surround you with Spirit’s presence and vastness and that you may remember that you too are a part of this ocean and of the wave of life. Each wave shall bring you cleansing, healing and restorative properties, and I wish for you that you have access to that for all of eternity as your connection with nature shall only strengthen and deepen.

I wish for you that your work is fulfilling and purposeFULL. That it is easy and effortless for you and that it shall be healing and serving others in your own very special way. That it will wash over you with the kindness, support and love you offer others. Receive this for yourself. Receive it for yourself. You are magic. Embrace your goodness and let yourself SHINE in your magic. Your work is not who you are but it is what you came here to do. Let it happen and unfold and you shall see the kingdom of serendipity and magic envelop your profession.

I wish for you more connectedness with life, be it with people, animals, humans, spiritual guides, angels, etc. That you experience this connectedness as a reminder of why you are here which is to love and be loved. To connect and be connected. To embrace and be embraced. Your love is good. Your love is pure. It is good, Share it, don’t be afraid. Share it.

I wish for you that you may continue to create the family or choice that you desire and that they may continue to feed your soul in love and in connection

I wish for you that if you are to be a mother that you create a sense of knowing that you will be the person that your children need and you will know what to do and how to help them be who they need to be.

I love you dearly my fierce and sweet sister.