When Art Imitates Life


I started to draw a mandala with a ruler and with tools to make it look perfect and it didn’t work. So I stopped. and started a new one.

I let the mandala tell me what she wants to BE.

I follow the curves and let the mandala have her voice, because that is what she needs.
She needs room to play and to breathe and be imperfect.
I gave her space to be born and reveal herself in this meditative art form.

This mandala is perfectly imperfect.

Especially with her lines and curves boldly mismatching and little symmetry.

And when it came time to color her after she was drawn, I started with one color that was not the color I wanted and then another color I didn’t particularly want to use.

And I continued. I let the next color and the next guide me until mandala was complete speaking.

It doesn’t matter what she looks like. It matters that I showed up and I listened.

This is who she wanted to be today and I let her speak though my energy field across the page.
The same is true of life.

We fool ourselves into thinking “it has to look a certain way”.

No, it doesn’t have to look a certain way, it just has to be whatever it wants to be.

I am constantly reminded of this in little and not so little ways.

Life is not linear even though we think it is.

It is curvy and winding and unknown.

If we give ourselves permission, space and presence, life will unfold just as it’s meant to and when it’s meant to.

Let go a little bit. Let go a lot. Give yourself room to be imperfect.

Give yourself room to unravel in the way you are meant to and you will find grace in this unraveling.

It matters not what unravels. What matters is that you are present and that you show up.

Show up and you will find the best gift of all, which is yourself.

Sharing love, life and art with you today and may you find the art in your own life.


“What matters about art is expressing it, what one expresses matters not.”  ~ Fernando Pessoa