A Different Type of Clutter

Have you ever felt like you live under a rock and you have no clue how to get out from underneath it? the rock is solid and heavy and we just want to life it off of us. For some of us, that rock is our clutter. And what kind of clutter the rock represents, matters not. Clutter is clutter. Period. The end. Just as this rock, it gets in the way. It’s hard to move sometimes. It keep us stuck and spinning in circles. It keeps us from moving forward and into the flow of life. And in my opinion, the most dangerous type of clutter manifests in our thoughts. The stories we tell ourselves that turn into beliefs are part of the mental clutter we carry. This is one of the places where we shortchange ourselves as a result of believing those stories and limiting beliefs.

These past few weeks, I’ve taken on a very big limiting belief and I’ve felt as though I’m in the trenches with it. Who would I be without this belief, I ask myself? How does this belief contribute to my well being? It doesn’t. It hinders me, it gets in the way of my joy. It clouds my judgement. It’s a different kind of clutter in essence and I’m not willing to let it have this power over me anymore, so I’m dealing with it, tackling it piece by piece.

It’s messy, it’s uncomfortable and yet, I’m doing it. And so can you.

You might have told yourself a story that you’re lazy or messy and yet, you are not truly any of these things if your clutter is in the way. The clutter is what makes you tired, drains you, and imobilzes you and keeps you stuck.

Perhaps your clutter doesn’t feel as heavy as this and if so, I’m so glad. Regardless, the story is not the truth, it’s just what we use to protect ourselves from what we are afraid of. Back to clutter now…we use our clutter to protect us from having to do certain things whether it be things we like or dont like or things we want to do but don’t know how. Because the clutter is a block, when it’s there, we tend to shut down. We may not notice just how it’s affecting us entirely. It’s just holding a place for whatever we are wanting to move forward on. So this week, I invite you to consider feeling a little uncomfortable and ask yourself what mental clutter have you got going on that’s holding you back? What are the thoughts/stories/limiting beliefs you want to unravel?

It might not feel good at the beginning but just as letting physical clutter go and getting organized feels so good, the end result is amazing and so worth it!

You can do hard things. You can tackle your clutter, you can let it go. Mental, physical or otherwise.

Let me know how I can support you in doing that.

clutterSofia Alvim